How much does it cost?

The app is free. If you use any of the services in the links, please refer to those services for their pricing. 

Are my health records safe?

The iOS app uses the Apple Health "Health Records API" to access health records. It only accesses data on your device and keeps the data on your device. Please refer to Apple's site for specifics.

The web application does not store your data permanently.

Why are you doing this?

FHIR and the 21st Century Cures Act are making it easy for patients to connect to their health data in ways never possible before. While your data is available to you, doing something useful with it remains difficult as medical terminology is so complex. This app attempts to make your data useful to you in understanding what tests you have had done. It is also incredible that you can get these tests without a prescription as well, so we link to those as well.

Can I help?

This app is just a glimpse into what might be possible in the coming years. Email us at if you want to help out.